Warm the Library with a new furnace

The library is seeking support from the community to raise funds for a new furnace. You can help by contributing to our fundraising campaign at GoFundMe.com/cardingtonlibrary. Each contribution helps and is tax deductible. Share this link on Facebook to expand the reach of our appeal. If you prefer, you may send a check payable to the Cardington-Lincoln Public Library, P.O. Box 38, Cardington, Ohio, 43315.

In spite of diminishing funds, the library has avoided asking taxpayers for a levy to offset state funding cuts. The budget is balanced with fewer service hours, reduced materials, fewer programs, and bare bones building maintenance budgets. We seek additional funds through grants and fundraisers. We are also grateful for the wonderful support from volunteers.Roofing Volunteers

Unfortunately, these efforts are not enough to offset our growing need for a new library furnace. As we all know, it is not cheap to replace large appliances in buildings, and the library's furnace is no exception. The replacement cost for a furnace and air conditioning is $10,000.

The need is two-fold. The first is a safety concern. The existing unit is 22 years old. The lead-in tubes on the heat exchanger have rusted and are a potential CO2 risk. Constant monitoring of this colorless odorless gas is required. The burners are also rusted through.

Secondly, the temperature of the lower level meeting room cannot be controlled, leaving the room too cold year-round. The extreme cold is the number one complaint from patrons who use the room regularly for computer classes, job search activities, test proctoring and other community gatherings. Space heaters have not solved the problem.

"Like" the library Facebook page facebook.com/cardingtonlibrary to see updates on the progress of our campaign. On behalf of all those who use and enjoy the library every day, we thank you.