We are humbled by your support with the passage of the library levy. Your local support means that we can not only survive financially in the coming years but thrive and grow with you!


Why is a local levy necessary?

A local levy ensures stable and sufficient resources for the next five years, allowing the library to meet the current and future needs of our community.

Why State Funding?

ACCESS: All Ohioans can use any public library in the state regardless of where they live.

EQUAL FUNDING: Ensures that Ohio provides a high standard of library service to its citizens in ALL counties, regardless of economic factors. 

INTERNET ACCESS: The Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) is a state-funded service that provides Internet access to Ohioans via Ohio's 251 public libraries. 


Common Questions on Library Funding 

1. How are public libraries funded by the state of Ohio?

Currently, public libraries receive funding from the state through the Public Library Fund (PLF). Each month, the PLF receives 1.7% of the state's total tax revenue received during the previous month in the General Revenue Fund (GRF). State tax revenue that goes into the GRF comes from multiple sources, including the state personal income tax, sales and use tax, business taxes, etc.

2. Do all of Ohio's public libraries have a local property tax levy?

No, 49 public libraries do not have a local property tax levy and rely solely on state funding through the PLF as their primary source of funding for day-to-day operations and providing services to their communities. Cardington does not have a local property tax levy to fund the library and finds it increasingly difficult to balance the budget without one.

3. Do public libraries receive local county sales tax revenue, local city income tax revenue, or Casino revenue?

No, public libraries do not have taxing authority to implement a local sales tax or income tax. Also, unlike counties, cities, and school districts, public libraries do not receive Casino revenue from Ohio's four casinos. 

4. How much funding for public libraries comes from the state?

Collectively, 49% of the total funding (state and local) for Ohio's public libraries comes from the state through the Public Library Fund. 

5. What is the Return on Investment (ROI) to taxpayers for utilizing Ohio's public libraries?

Ohio's public libraries provide nearly $2.7 billion in direct economic benefit to Ohio residents in 2014. In addition, for every $1 spent by public libraries, a total economic value of $5.48 was returned to Ohioans.*


*The Return on Investment of Ohio's Public Libraries & A Comparison With Other States, prepared by Howard & Associates for the Ohio Library Council, April 2016.   


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